Veneers at Lorentzen Dental

Lot's of patients ask us if porcelain veneers are the most advanced cosmetic product available. The short answer is yes! - porcelain veneers can achieve many cosmetic goals. They can be used on their own or along with other procedures to achieve desired results. Modern day veneers should be micro-thin; like the type used at Lorentzen Dental. This allows for multiple teeth to be corrected while still maintaining a desired natural look.

 Micro-Thin Porcelain Veneer

Micro-Thin Porcelain Veneer

Veneers are becoming increasingly common - they can correct both minor and major cosmetic issues, be used along with other procedures and can last a long time.  If you're interested in veneers give us a call to set up a free-consultation. Dr. Lorentzen and our staff can design your dream smile using veneers, as well as other state-of-the-art procedures to accomplish a variety of goals. And through our exclusive 3-D modeling you can see your results beforehand. Call or message us on our website today!

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