As a general dentist, Dr. Lorentzen has been providing exceptional exams and teeth cleanings to Golden Valley and the surrounding areas for 30 years. We offer our general services to both adults and children!

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Regular Exams

Our exams are personalized to each patient and utilize the latest technologies, including digital x-rays and Intraoral camera. 

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For cleanings and exams, our pediatric services keep kids teeth healthy. Our staff also educates to make sure your child has the knowledge to keep their teeth healthy in between visits.


Bi-Annual cleanings are important for keeping your teeth healthy. Where some practices may only alot a certain amount of time to cleanings, we take our time to give each patient the care they actually need.

Lorentzen Dental Golden Valley Exam Tray

Custom Night Guards

Night guards can offer relief from discomfort and protection for your teeth if you grind or clench your jaw. They can also be used to protect teeth that have been repaired and restored.

Lorentzen Dental Golden Valley Night Guards

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays offer convenience and superior quality. Dr. Lorentzen can analyze your x-ray immediately, or send copies to your doctor or specialist instantly.                                                                         


Patient Centered Care

At Lorentzen Dental we pride ourselves on offering patient centered care. That means that, unlike some practices, we don't put patients on the clock. Each patient gets the time they need for exams and cleanings, and we take every precaution to put patient comfort first. Come experience our personalized service!